All you need, under one roof.

Midwest Insurance Corporation is a multi-line, independent agency that specializes in providing insurance products and services for individuals, families, businesses and farmers. There’s a lot in your life that you've worked hard for, and we're here to help you protect it.


We started Midwest Insurance in 1983 to provide insurance protection for local farmers and ag-related businesses in Central Iowa.  Since then, we have expanded our territory throughout the Midwest, and now offer a comprehensive line of products and services, representing the top companies in the industry. 


While much has changed since our early days, two things remain the same: we make it our business to thoroughly understand the products and services we provide, and we make it our business to thoroughly understand your unique situation and needs so that our recommendations make sense for you. 

Everybody talks about it. We do it.

Most insurance agencies are quick to promise great customer service. But to many, that means getting you a quote, selling you a policy and making changes to your coverage when you ask for it. Let's face it - all insurance agencies do that.


At Midwest Insurance, we do more because you deserve more. Customer service means much more than selling the policy. It means when the storm sirens begin to blare, you don't have to worry about whether your home will be rebuilt. It means when you or a loved one gets sick, you can focus on getting better, not on medical bills. It means that losing a partner doesn't mean losing everything you've worked so hard to build.


Good coverage is more than just about making you financially whole.  It’s also about giving you peace of mind knowing that no matter what life throws your way, tomorrow is filled with hope and promise.  

Lots of questions. Answers you trust.

You may have come here today not knowing what insurance you need, and that's okay. The best kind of insurance for you is out there. Our job is to discover what that means for you, and then find you the best value in products, services and price.


We'll ask some questions - maybe more than you’d like.  But the more we know about you, the better our solutions will be. That's information you can trust.